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A decade here

2017-08-18 17:03:50 by straberrykiler6789

Hello there a few hours after posting this it will be the 10th anniversary of my new grounds account.

i wanted to have a flash to mark the occasion, sadly i have too much to do to complete it, but it will be here soon.

Voices are recorded backgrounds are being completed, believe me this is going to be an amazing comeback

its not my usual style but i have an incomplete script for something that is,


where did the time go, in the last few years i didn’t make much and i scraped a few projects for one reason or another.

so how did it all begin?

the name
so i had made my frist flash before my account and needed to put my username on it because


And i did this on the last day of the free trial so i decided to just go with the wrong spelling; oddly enough i liked it because it looked like a shitposters name

Back in the day we called them something else but you may ask Why would you want to look like that.


Because there were some hysterical movies by and about these people

Actually everything here


Had to get a piece of that action, for whatever reason i was drawn to the Anti-Clocks

Not necessarily because I cared about the clocks but because I found the crusade against the clocks hysterical and wanted a piece of the action!

One of the first bits of internet drama I ever involved myself in I guess.


felt compelled to make a movie mocking them, sadly I was about a megabyte over the upload limit due to shit compression, some crappy animation about strawberry clock getting killed in a car accident I don’t know if I still have it on an old hard drive or if its lost forever who knows now to this day I never actually made any movies directly attacking the clocks maybe someday I will but it seems like I missed my chance the mid 2000s are over but my next film is something that will be distinct from everything else I made while still being a blast from the past, they may be over but the early 2000s will live on in my heart





Its been a while.
You were the greatest man any of us will ever know!


Not even google knows

2014-11-25 19:30:29 by straberrykiler6789

why cant you draw me a map showing how to get to the friend zone

i keep hearing about this magical place



2014-09-06 14:55:11 by straberrykiler6789



new movie

2014-08-27 15:30:22 by straberrykiler6789


2014-06-16 18:39:55 by straberrykiler6789

I have been inactive as of late


ive got 2 half baked flash movies that may never see the light of day

and 3 more ideas which will have even less chance

some have been pending for years

i want to finish them, i realy do but i probabaly wownt

to any voice actors who were involved or contacted

sorry i wasted your time




2014-02-12 23:52:42 by straberrykiler6789

planned to complete and roll out a flash tomorow

but thats probabaly not hapening

i will just be glad when its done if i even finish it at all


no to mention that other unfinished movie



saw this banner seemed funny

would be nice if u could use my edited version as my sig or userpage banner(remember those?)

i have a girlfriend now

2013-12-10 19:38:36 by straberrykiler6789

2093887_138672222843_epic-win.gif i am so happy2093887_138672231423_f0f7_forever_alone_statue_detail.jpg

Nothing else can strike fear into the hearts of men like

2013-11-13 20:06:25 by straberrykiler6789

Safety scissors

Nothing else can strike fear into the hearts of men like