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Daily 3rd

2017-09-29 16:28:42 by straberrykiler6789

First Award so i unlocked posting to front page, i cant resist I must give it a go!!

Not much to say i didnt say in my previous post so i will just link to that rather than repeat myself

Anyway i won an award for my flash and as much as i am glad to it just eats away at me the portal is so empty right now.


so i am going to start makeing content again but we need to get the audience back,

And dont worry about how mediocre my flash was i assure you thats an animation test/pilot for something bigger!

Im not putting this on Youtube!



And i plan on making this a policy for my future content, and this time im making stuff that’s not shit(relatively speaking)

But I’ve got a question to propose because I feel like arguing

With all the YouTube channels disappearing due to SJW Google could we get the more "Provocative" content creators here?

Its offensive therefore edgy thus cool and they have an audience should we have an outreach or would this do more harm than good?

We have a moral panic thus interest in such content has skyrocketed due to the Streisand effect

Dont forget newgrounds was full of blatantly offensive content but SJW's can remove beat up Anita Sarwhatsherface

yet in the past...*/


Maybe thats whats missing the mischief

People forgot what it was like to fight the religious right restricting free speech

and taking up the same fight with people who have the same goals in needed now more than ever.


eh this is just ramblings nevermind!


New animation!

2017-09-28 10:23:41 by straberrykiler6789


Ok so I have 3 things to discuss

1. Animated adaptation of minus

2. My Computer program for browser plugins

3. Upcoming website planning it to launch by February, has a few different things and I have some other people who may be working on it too.


Firstly i have done an animation of minus

I originally considered doing warbot in accounting but i shelved it and months later kiwisbybeat went offline and i got involved in saving it.

I couldn’t think of any original ideas and i wanted to come back to newgrounds, just because ive done fuck all here doesn’t mean ive given up or diapered, I don’t plan on taking any pages out of the French book



but I do have other projects in mind, even so i have plans to do another animation




i am still going to be making the plugin app but i need to test a ton of shit and do some research to get something working,

However you can download a demonstrational program (Requires flash OCX)

this ties in with a website i am planning for 2018 which will host a few things but also track other projects and help people mirror small sites and give them what they need to bring in old fans who may have content they don’t.


I will see about doing another minus animation but If anybody’s interested I may be directing another one if I can find anybody interested in making that happen  but I do want to get a particular look to it.


Minus was meant to look like an early 20th century comic strip so I think emulating the look of 1930s – 1980s animation particularly the earlier high production value ones and later imitators such as Ren and Stimpy Don Hertzfeld  would help achieve that look.


Imagine minus in this style

if you havent heard of minus see this

that’s the one mirror i don’t control besides the mega folder but i do plan on getting a site soon and reconstructing the mirror from scratch once i have finished the other features of my site.

especially important now We are moving over to HTTPS


2017-09-21 10:23:42 by straberrykiler6789

so i mentioned i was makeing something to use plugins outside of the browser and i did produce something but its little more than concept art at this point,

im also wroking on a flash which i have had a voice actor send me her recordings and somebody else is working on the background


so far i have a functional program which iave tested on a few diferant versions of Windows 98, XP and 7 in virtual machines i havent tested on the new Fisher Price versions yet BOB, 8 & 10 but i would imagine it would work there.


thought i would say asomething rather than leave you in the dark since talking about this may have caught the interest of a few people!

A decade here

2017-08-18 17:03:50 by straberrykiler6789

Hello there a few hours after posting this it will be the 10th anniversary of my new grounds account.

i wanted to have a flash to mark the occasion, sadly i have too much to do to complete it, but it will be here soon.

Voices are recorded backgrounds are being completed, believe me this is going to be an amazing comeback

its not my usual style but i have an incomplete script for something that is,


where did the time go, in the last few years i didn’t make much and i scraped a few projects for one reason or another.

so how did it all begin?

the name
so i had made my frist flash before my account and needed to put my username on it because


And i did this on the last day of the free trial so i decided to just go with the wrong spelling; oddly enough i liked it because it looked like a shitposters name

Back in the day we called them something else but you may ask Why would you want to look like that.


Because there were some hysterical movies by and about these people

Actually everything here


Had to get a piece of that action, for whatever reason i was drawn to the Anti-Clocks

Not necessarily because I cared about the clocks but because I found the crusade against the clocks hysterical and wanted a piece of the action!

One of the first bits of internet drama I ever involved myself in I guess.


felt compelled to make a movie mocking them, sadly I was about a megabyte over the upload limit due to shit compression, some crappy animation about strawberry clock getting killed in a car accident I don’t know if I still have it on an old hard drive or if its lost forever who knows now to this day I never actually made any movies directly attacking the clocks maybe someday I will but it seems like I missed my chance the mid 2000s are over but my next film is something that will be distinct from everything else I made while still being a blast from the past, they may be over but the early 2000s will live on in my heart





Its been a while.
You were the greatest man any of us will ever know!


Not even google knows

2014-11-25 19:30:29 by straberrykiler6789

why cant you draw me a map showing how to get to the friend zone

i keep hearing about this magical place



2014-09-06 14:55:11 by straberrykiler6789



new movie

2014-08-27 15:30:22 by straberrykiler6789


2014-06-16 18:39:55 by straberrykiler6789

I have been inactive as of late


ive got 2 half baked flash movies that may never see the light of day

and 3 more ideas which will have even less chance

some have been pending for years

i want to finish them, i realy do but i probabaly wownt

to any voice actors who were involved or contacted

sorry i wasted your time