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Collab New projects in the works

2017-11-14 18:05:00 by straberrykiler6789

I am still planning to make that App for flash there is a bug i need to fix but I haven’t abandoned it I just need to get round to fixing it.

Yes I am doing another minus thing the third comic to be precise,

Didn’t put the whole animation of the balloon guy in the gif because it wouldn’t loop as well, he should have a bunch of balloons in his hand that’s why he is in that position


This is an animation test I am also planning to do another animation but its waay more complicated than this.

All of the above is unrelated to the collab I may or may not be initiating



With these 3 projects all going on at the same time its hard decide how to allocate my time best, also I keep procrastinating so that doesn’t help.

Somebody had a great idea for an animation which I quite liked, but with these other projects its impossible so I thought I might take a more directorial role on this and start a collab,

Once I have talked it over with the author of the comic first but she knows the creator so we might be able to make it an “Official” animation.

I will post details when the situation develops but I might even be able to bring people to newgrounds with this collab.

If anybody is interested check back in a month.


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2017-11-14 23:13:59


straberrykiler6789 responds:

I am going to make a test animation to show them after Ive done a bit more of my other projects.

If we get the author on board i will make an animation and some basic animation and see if we can bring in some talent to complete it.


2017-11-15 19:09:20

Sooooooo... Can I join I don’t know how to make this stuff but can I give ideas

straberrykiler6789 responds:

Can you draw or voice act?

probably starting sometime in December so it will be a while before we all start