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Posted by straberrykiler6789 - August 19th, 2018

Coming out of the woodwork again, you haven’t seen much of me but that’s for 2 reasons im very busy on my animations, actually very busy doing nothing most of the time!

a VERY close relative is going to die from cancer and it is the view of her doctor this will happen within more or less 1 year, besides this and as i am working full time, often working longer than 14 hours for some shifts i just plain dont have the energy to get much done.

Yes im still working in this, the collab I announced but never set a date for is off (for now)

the reason i never set a date was because i wasn’t sure when I would be able to manage the whole thing and I didn’t want somebody to produce some great content but not be able to use it with the art style because of something I forgot to mention.




And the flash plugin thing, to meet the 2020 deadline i did find a freelancer, work is good but progress is slow,

not making flash im making the system for loading flash and aim for compatibility with complex things that use multiple files rather than self contained swfs.

for sitelocked files the code is usually in the first 5 frames skip that and 70% of the time the games you backed up on your hard disk will be fine,

Check my posts in Flash 2020 and the future as for bigger challenges like broken mochi media thingy not letting you play that requires you emulate much of the backend of a browser (NON HTML RENDERING COMPONENTS)

Some bugs that we need to overcome before we are at that stage here are some examples of complex sites

https://github.com/lightspark/lightspark/wiki/Site-Support  also don’t forget Oddcast made some awesome flash sites and as things stand only one seems to have survived

http://host-d.oddcast.com/php/application_UI/doorId=137/clientId=49/    for this, ton of things we need to emulate before this can be run offline(it must be tricked into believing its online) this technically already happens since SWFs are indeed run from your browser cache(hence browser backend)



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I don't know jack about animation, but I'm real sorry to hear about your family member. Cancer sucks. :-(
I am wishing you the best!

Thank you,
All the best to you!

You sure sound tired and busy with all these typoes above. :) Good thing to hear the plugin is progressing though, supposing the collab may be resumed if time ever allowed, and sad to hear about the cancer! :/ That really sucks... would hope for some miracle there; maybe advice for lifestyle changes that might make such thing a possibility, but, well... I shouldn't provide false hope if it's all too fargone... hope it all goes as well as possible; they have the best time they can as long as they can.

Looks like lots of complex trials with the Flash plugin too.

The trouble is she had waited too long to have the mastectomy allowing it time to spread deeper and kept it to herself for months before anyone knew.
She was hoping it would be a matter of just amputating the afflicted area and had she done that sooner it may have been.
She was on the fence about getting the surgery the first time and now that a Triple negative form has cropped up she is disillusioned has decided not to go through any more treatment besides tests and recovery from the surgery.
She doesn’t want to go through chemo because this would make her too weak to do very much during what could be the last months of her life
As for my post being such a mess I woke up too close to when I needed to start work so I just whipped something up to be sure to get it up on the right day

Could pick it up again in the future
The best time for Collaborating to animate a longer adaptation of the minus comics might be after I have finished this one as to set the bar a bit higher than my last one and having more reference material is always a good thing.

Oh man, mastectomy ... didn't realize that type could really be fatal! Understandable not something you would want to go through, though she has had the surgery now though? Some say just cutting out sugar from your diet entirely can kill cancer, or at least slow it down, as it's basically what it feeds on, but that's easier said than done. Sugar's everywhere (if not plain then manufactured by the body via pretty much all carbohydrates). Guess I should leave this alone though hmm. Hope for the best; hope she has some good times left!

Ah yeah, better get things done than wait until they're perfect. :) Small obsessions stop me in a lot of stuff. For sure, hope there's time for all of that in the future too!

something like a 93% survival rate for the regular kind but a 70% chance for the triple negative type(i assume many have the ongoing treatment).

however because the cancer has spread to other parts of the body removing non essential body parts can no longer help.
but she has been very keen to have a good diet in the hopes of getting some more time from it.

there is also some obscure treatment methods that slow down the ability of the "cancerous area" to sustain itself, but cancer being merely human cells that have malformed and begun to out compete normal cells any attempt to attack cancer will inevitably harm otherwise normal parts of the body, hence damage done by chemo

Ah. Well I hope she gets as much time as possible. Sad to hear.

I hope so too!
the cancer has spread to her lungs but she hasn't had breathing issues yet,
i think focusing on the cancer in the lung rather than surrounding tissue would be the best way to forestall its growth but considering these methods previously failed on other parts there is probably nothing else to do.

Still it means more potential for less intrusive treatment and delivery of drugs that forestall cancer growth(In lungs) as surgery, radiotherapy and similar treatments are not an option.